Psicologia y Derechos Humanos PSYDEH A.C.

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I have received a communication from a former outstanding student, Damon, who epitomizes a border crosser. Upon graduation from college, he attended law school and had a very successful career employed by a law firm in Washington, DC. While living in DC, he was involved in several community organization activities. After a few years, he took a several month “sabbatical” traveling throughout Central and South America to “survey the land” and learn Spanish. He eventually ended up working with an incredible group of people at Psicologia y Derechos Humanos PSYDEH A.C. This organization focuses on empowering native women.

From their literature:

PSYDEH is a non-profit, Mexican civil society organization that VALUES the innate capacity of Mexican people. We LOOK to indigenous wisdom on community organizing, as well as democracy principles, human development and management and social and neuroscience, as important knowledge sources. We KNOW that national and international laws are based on human rights and are the instruments through which Mexican citizens construct what they imagine to be possible for their communities. We UNDERSTAND that rights come with responsibilities; laws are only as impactful as citizens make them. We TRUST that integrating science, organizing practices, the spirit of rights and the letter of the law lead to sustainable development. We BELIEVE that local citizens must lead our work.

PSYDEH’s project organizes native women to work together to sustainably develop their own Otomi-Tepehua region of central Mexico. We provide workshops on leadership, rights and using storytelling as marketing tool, enabling them to launch their own local projects, e.g., distributing clean burning stoves or confronting gender violence. We also unite women across the Region at a public forum where they present their growth agenda to new government leaders. Your donation funds this bottom-up work.


In the Otomi-Tepehua region, women play a subordinate role in civil society. They average a 3rd grade education. 95% report violence against them. Many face discrimination and abandonment. Incomes are low. Schools and public services are poor. Government is not responsive to native concerns. To address this reality, PSYDEH educates women on their rights and innate leadership abilities. We help them to organize to hold officials accountable and implement their own solutions to community problems.


Our model empowers sustainable community development. We use women-led human development training and network building to drive demand for basic services and homegrown solutions to problems. We train women to launch self-determined projects on such issues as improving health care, local income and the environment. We educate them on decision-making and leader strategies to sustain progress. Our public forum gives 250 women the opportunity to propose development projects to government officials.

 Long-Term Impact

Women drive sustained progress in communities when armed with decision-making clarity, authority & economic resources. For 500 native women, this project breaks the isolation in which they live by organizing them around innate abilities, shared interests and joint power. Their 5 organizations and Cooperative will create local solutions to problems, celebrate culture and support female autonomy and regional collaboration. With success, we will integrate men and scale our model beyond the Region.

Please take a moment and watch this brief informative video produced by Damon:

Please consider helping Damon in this important border crossing work.  You may make a contribution at:

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An informative pdf file is here:


Psicologia y Derechos Humanos PSYDEH A.C.

LOCATION: Santiago Tulantepec – Mexico


Psicologia y Derechos Humanos PSYDEH A.C.


Damon Taylor

Mexico City, D.F. Mexico


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