At the present time, the Coleman Foundation accepts grant proposals by invitation only. Since we are in the beginning stages of development, the Foundation will concentrate initially on generating its own programs while conducting research to identify potential future projects that are aligned with the Foundation’s mission. Unsolicited grant requests will not be accepted at this time.

A few of the projects in which we have been involved:

  • Helped fund a participant in HERO’s (Human Efforts Reaching Out) mission to Honduras, June 2016.
  • Helped fund an undergraduate student work trip volunteering in the village of El Obraje, Nicaragua, May 2016.
  • Sponsored a participant in HERO’s (Human Efforts Reaching Out) mission to Nicaragua, 2014.
  • Matching grant for undergraduate service project supporting an orphanage in Luxi, China, 2015.


The following grant application procedure will be effective beginning January 2016.


The Foundation is open to projects that fit within its mission of facilitating culturally engaging activities that have as their goal the bringing together of diverse individuals and points of view. The exchange of ideas and people through international travel  and study, cultural immersions, and original projects are examples.  Priority will be given to undergraduate and high school students proposing activities involving Asian and Western border crossings.

Foundation deadline:  A letter of inquiry must be submitted at least 6 months prior to the start of the proposed project/activity.

Letter of Inquiry

The application process begins with a letter of inquiry.  Interested applicants should submit a letter with in the following information:

  • name of individual or group  applying;
  • contact information: phone number, address (physical and email);
  • one-page resume which includes: educational background and academic accomplishments, career/professional goals;
  • one-paragraph description of your project including (a) a brief summary statement of the goals and objectives of the project and (b)  a timeline with important approximate starting and ending dates;
  • a one-paragraph statement demonstrating how your proposed project fits into the mission of the CFCE;
  • the names  and addresses (electronic preferred) of 3 references;
  • the total estimated budget for your project and the amount of your  request.*

*Note: the CFCE typically awards small grants up to $1,000.00.

This letter, as well as the formal proposal, should be sent electronically to:


Formal Proposal

If the letter of inquiry addresses the Foundation’s mission and the project is deemed worthy by the Foundation board, applicants will be invited to submit a formal proposal. The formal proposal should be no more than 3-pages and address the following areas:

  •  need: what is the problem your plan/project will address?
  • plan: detail your project; what are the project’s goals?  and discuss how a CFCE grant will help you meet your goals;
  • benefit: how will your project impact you and others?
  • measurable outcomes (assessment): what outcomes do you expect and how will you know if your plan was executed successfully?
  • how you will give back what you’ve learned to others.

Post project report.  At the conclusion of the project, individuals awarded grants will be expected to submit a one-page report to the Foundation discussing the activities and how the goals were met and the benefits of the project.