The Foundation Advisory Board:

Collectively, members of this group have had years of international experience including travel, teaching, and directing student trips to Asia and Europe and serves as the Foundation’s core advisors.

Hong Cao, B.A., Multimedia Production Specialist

Jamie Capuzza, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Gender Studies

Debra L. Clark, Ph.D., Professor of Education

Harold L. Hall, M.A., Former Director of International Education

Naoko Oyabu-Mathis, Ph.D., Professor of Sociology

Liangwu Yin, Ph.D., Professor of History and Asian Studies Program Director

Foundation Associates:

The Foundation Associates have all attended universities in the U.S. with most currently residing and working in their respective country. As representatives of the Foundation, the Associates are a brainstorming group devoted to generating ideas, providing vital feedback and helping to implement Foundation projects in their  home countries.

Sha Chen, Shanghai

Anh Hoang, Hanoi

Eng Kait Lim, Singapore

Keiko Miyahara, Tokyo

Kyoko Niiyama, Hiroshima

Daphne Sim, Penang and New Zealand

Noriko Kobayashi Suzuki, Fukuoka, Japan

Guopeng Wang, Beijing

Fumin Yang, Peoples Republic of China and USA

Dr. Michelle Murray-Yang, Peoples Republic of China and USA

Meihua Zhu, Wuhan, Peoples Republic of China

Victoria Lygdenova, Republic of Buryatia and Novosibirsk (Russia)