Globalization, immigration patterns, social media, and advancements in technology all underscore the need for cultivating intercultural understanding among people everywhere. Increasingly individuals from varied backgrounds and cultural experiences find themselves in contact with one another.  But, “coming together” is often not a simple matter. There are “borders” between people that must be negotiated.

Borders contain. They are, after all, barricades: keeping something in and something out. They alienate, isolate, and segregate. In the end, they diminish.

“Borders” come in various shapes and sizes: national, cultural, gender, class, race, ethnic, linguistic, spiritual, to name a few.  No matter what shape, however, borders limit who we are and who we can become.  Only when they are crossed can it be possible for individuals to “come together,” engage in meaningful dialogue, and build trusting relationships.

The mission of the CFCE is to encourage cross-border engagement opportunities  – especially international and intercultural engagements.

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